Why Plastic Is Used In Place Of Metals?

What is the difference between plastic and metal?

More heat-resistant – metals tend to have a higher melting point than plastics.

Operating temperature – metal can be used in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Metal has a higher tensile strength than plastic.

Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean..

What are the advantages of the use of plastic instead of metals?

And aside from offering equal toughness and allowing for the same tight tolerances as metal, plastic parts require fewer secondary operations, thereby saving on time and costs. With specialized design techniques, plastic parts can actually be made to have higher-quality physical and chemical properties than metal.

How does replacing of metal parts with plastic parts in aircraft help?

Applications abound The automotive and aviation industries have been taking advantage of metal-to-plastic conversion for years to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency (replacing a metal component with a plastic one results in about a 50-percent weight reduction).

What materials has plastic replaced?

So where has plastic replaced metal?Fuel tanks.Industrial bearings and fasteners.Most metal parts of airplanes.Drinking water lines and sewage lines.Watercraft bodies.Most modern car parts.Metal foils for packaging electrical components.A lot of other highly technical applications.

Which is better metal or plastic?

Metals generally provide the following advantages over plastic fabrication: Heat resistance: Metals typically have a higher melting-point and are less likely to degrade under elevated temperatures. Improved strength: Metal grades tend to be stronger, harder, and more durable than their plastic counterparts.

Why electric plugs and switches are made of plastic?

(b) Electric plugs/switches/plug boards-They are made from thermosetting plastics because they are bad conductors of heat and electricity. It does not allow the current to pass through it.

Why have plastics replaced traditional materials?

From its very beginnings, plastic took the place of whalebone, tortoiseshell, wood, and stone. The reasons for substitution were simple: availability and cost. … Plastics were cheap compared to the semiprecious stones they replaced in costume jewelry, and they were easier to work than wood or stone.

Is Metal worse than plastic?

However, metal can almost always be recycled and is more commonly recycled than plastics (although this again is on the rise) making this slightly better for the environment. The process of making both of these materials are equally bad for the environment in most respects.

Why switches are made of plastic or Bakelite and not metals?

Switches are made up of plastics or bakelite and non metals because plastics are bad conductor of electricity so they will protect us from shock and metals are good conductor of electricity so they will produce shock to our body..

What lasts longer metal or plastic?

Product Life: The life span is longer for plastics than metals in many applications. Cost: The cost of raw material can be appreciably less. With a less labor intensive process, plastic molding can also save energy, labor, and production time vs.

What is the role of designer to replace metal parts in to the plastic product write its criteria?

“Multiple metal parts can be replaced by one injection-molded part made of tough engineered plastic, eliminating the need for fasteners and assembly.” … “Converting from metal to plastic gives designers the ability to produce final net shape and dimensions, all in one process.”

Why switches are made up of Bakelite?

they are made up of bakelite because bakelite will prevent us from shock . bakelite will not burn easily and will not cause harm for us. bakelite can control electricity and shock.

Which is the strongest plastic?

Acrylic and polycarbonate are transparent plastics that are stronger than many other clear plastic sheet materials and are often used in architectural glazing applications when transparency and superior mechanical properties are required.

Is aluminum or plastic cheaper?

Simple economics is a major factor; aluminum is more expensive than plastic – the raw material cost for a can is about 25-30% higher than a PET bottle of a similar volume, according to analyst Uday Patel at consultancy Wood Mackenzie.