Where Is Gaurav Agarwal Posted?

Who is Gaurav Agrawal?

Gaurav Agrawal – Commissioner, Ajmer Development Authority – Indian Administrative Service (IAS) – Government of India | LinkedIn..

Can you solve this 30 answer Gaurav Agarwal?

+ + = 30 Fill the boxes using (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15) You can also repeat the numbers This question came in UPSC final exam held in December 2013 at India You will be glad to note that only Gaurav Agarwal (IAS Topper) could solve it.

What are the 3 odd numbers equal 30?

Therefore the sum of three odd numbers is always an odd number. Hence Proved. Let the number is 15,13 and 3 then 15=2*7+1 13=2*6+1 3=2*1+1 where 1,6 and 7 now 15+13+3=2*7+1+2*6+1+281+11 =2(7+6+1)+3 =2*14+3(24 is our ‘m’) and 2*14≠30.

What 3 numbers make 30?

The answer to the “select 3 balls to equal 30” puzzle is 6, 11 and 13.

Is IIT tougher than Upsc?

Both IIT and UPSC exams are tough. But,UPSC exam is tougher when compared to IIT. UPSC exams known as Father of all the exams conducted in India. For applying for IIT test, education qualification that you need is 12th with Non-Medical.

What was Gaurav Agarwal answer?

Instruction is “Fill the boxes using (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15) You can also repeat the numbers”. It doesn’t mean that we can only use numbers but I think we can use parentheses as well. So that my answer is “( + 15 + 15) = 30”.

Which is better IAS or MBA from IIM?

IAS is a post(job), whereas IIM is an institute for further studies. There are many instances where people have joined IIM, took up a private job in some finance/banking company and after working for a few years, prepared for civil services and became an IAS officer. Best example would be of Gaurav Agarwal.

Why do IITians go for IAS?

However, the social impact of working in a corporate is quite low even if it offers you big money. Hence, IITians with conscience who really want to make a difference to the society go for IAS and IPS posts that place them in a better position to make welfare decisions for the people.

Can you solve this riddle 30?

This riddle not got viral everywhere be it be WhatsApp and many other sites. Because people think its an unsolvable problem and share it more but it has a valid answer i.e. We can use the brackets too, that’s the trick. [5(3)] + [15] and leave one box empty, it’d get cancelled and the answer would be 30.

Which is tougher IAS or IIT?

The nature of IAS exam (UPSC) is very different from IIT JEE because, – It has lesser number of seats hence arguably more competitive. … Thus everyone is required to work hard to clear IAS exam. Hence, for intelligent students, cracking IAS is tougher than cracking IITs, as they hold little competitive advantage here.

Is Jee tougher than Upsc?

So,UPSC is also making changes making it the mostly difficult exam. If you try to compare depending on the competitive level,UPSC has a greater edge than IIT-JEE. But if you start comparing relatively towards type of intellectual question appearing in the exam,IIT-JEE has slighter edge.