Quick Answer: Where Is My CC In Sims 4?

What to do if Sims 4 CC isn’t working?

If that doesn’t work, please move the entire Sims 4 folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts, launch the game to create a clean folder, enable cc and mods, quit, download just one mod that’s listed as fully updated for patch 1.60 on its download page, and add it to the new folder..

How do you fix Sims 4 CC?

If you simply want to get rid of the bad or broken CC, click over to the CC tab, select the items and right click to open your Sims 4 mods folder by using the “show in folder” option (like you did with the household/lot/room files earlier).

Does Sims 4 cc make your computer slow?

Some will proberly say “i have much cc and it doesn’t affect me at all” but generally, yes it can slow down the game but it doesn’t affect the computer while not playing the game.

What does no CC mean Sims 4?

You often will see items in the Exchange with comments like “no CC” and “no CAP” or “no Create-A-Pattern”. This means that the items has no third-party content. Many simmers do not want anything installed in their game that uses content made by anyone other than Electronic Arts.

Why is my CC not showing up in Sims 4?

Re: SOME sims 4 cc won’t show up Make sure the mods and custom content you are using are updated to the latest game patch. – Outdated mods or cc can cause problems or not show up in game. 2. … Downloading and trying to install cc made for Sims 3 will cause issues.

What are the best Sims 4 custom content sites?

The Best Custom Content Websites for The Sims 4TSR-The Sims Resource.Simista.SIMcredible Designs.Oh My CC.Bernie’s Sims.Standardheld.Marvin Sims.Jelly On Your Plumbob.More items…•Sep 14, 2015

Why is my Sims custom content not working?

Make sure you have mods/cc turned on in your game options. If you are using script mods, make sure that is also turned on. Be aware that each major patch turns the custom content/mods off. This is not for fun but to protect your game from incompatible mods.

How do you reset Sims 4 CC?

To reset your game:Open Finder by clicking on the Finder icon on your Dock.From Finder, open your Documents folder.Open the Electronic Arts folder.Click on The Sims 4 folder.Press Command and Delete.Confirm you want to delete the folder.Empty your Trash.Restart your Mac.Jun 30, 2020

Is custom content for Sims 4 Safe?

It is perfectly safe to download mods and CC. Creators will not stick malware or viruses into their downloads. Creators create content for the game out of a genuine passion for The Sims; however, many creators host their downloads on sites that have pop-up ads.

Can you get CC on Sims 4 ps4?

There are currently no plans to add cc functionality to the game, but we might be able to change that. 35 people had this problem.

Why is my Sim bald?

Add-on packs come with hair, clothing. If you disabled the add-on packs, any sims with hair from those packs would become bald/naked once you saved the game without the packs installed.

Why is my CC not showing up in game?

Re: My cc isn’t showing up in my game, Help! The only thing that comes to mind is to reset the game – reset game and then try one mod you know will work. If that works then you need to check all mods to see if they are up to date.

How do I enable CC in Sims 4?

To do this, start the game, click on the Menu button (the three buttons on the top right corner), Game Options, Other and then tick the Enable Custom Content and Mods box. Then hit the Apply Changes button and restart your game.