Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of KEEK?

What does Keech mean?


keech (plural keeches) (obsolete) A mass or lump of fat rolled up by the butcher..

What is KEEK called now?

Peeks Social LtdTORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – March 02, 2017) – Keek Inc. ( TSX VENTURE : KEK ) ( OTCQB : KEEKF ) is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to Peeks Social Ltd. The Company has also changed its stock trading symbol on the TSX Venture Exchange to PEEK.

Why do Irish say Feck?

In modern Irish slang, `feck’ can be used as a `minced oath’ (i.e as a euphemism for `fuck’, as one might say `eff off’ instead of `fuck off’) but it has a variety of other meanings, including `to steal’ or `to throw’. None of these other meanings relate directly to sexual intercourse.

What does Diddy mean in Scotland?

1. In England, ‘Diddy’ means: small, tiny, or the rapper P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs/whatever his name currently is. In Scotland, ‘Diddy’ means: a female breast. “The gobshite shouted ‘Show us yer diddies’, so I kicked him in the shins.”

What does KEEK mean in Scottish?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. chiefly Scotland. : peep, look.

What does Trisk mean?

Toxicology RiskWhat does TRISK mean? TRISK as abbreviation means “Toxicology Risk Assessment Training Programme”.

What does Jobby mean in Scotland?

(Scotland, slang) Faeces; a piece of excrement. (informal) Generic object, thing. Synonym: thingy. Have a look at that jobbie! (Britain, informal) A job, normally a task rather than a form of employment for which one is paid.

Is Jobby a Scottish word?

Jobby, which is generally considered the polite word in Scots, is one of a number of words in the language equivalent to the English turd. However, it is also true that in North East Scots (or Doric) a jobby can also mean exactly that – a little job or task.

What is peeks social app?

Peeks allows both users and advertisers to monetize a global audience in ways previously thought to be impossible. Peeks’ patented and proprietary technologies allows it to monetize users in its social network at levels significantly higher than all of its peers.

What apps are like vine?

Alternatives to VineCoub. Coub is YouTube for video loops. … Gfycat. Gfycat is gif hosting, with three unique advantages: Speed – Average is 8 times faster. … Giphy. … TikTok. … Boomerang from Instagram. … Belacam. … byte. … Desktop for Instagram.More items…