Quick Answer: What Is T C In Medical Term?

What does TC mean in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: TDlcMeaningTCtraffic crashTCA TCAtricyclic antidepressants trichloroacetic acidTCCtransitional cell carcinomaTCMtraditional Chinese medicine132 more rows.

What is the full from of TC?

The Full form of TC is Transfer Certificate. TC is a document signed by the head of a school or institution signifying that the student has fulfilled the education requirements of their locality. Transfer certificate and leaving certificate literally means the same.

What is TC in blood?

TC is total count or the number of WBC (White Blood Cells) per cubic mm of blood . DC is differential count, which expresses the types of WBCs in the blood.

What is TC code?

TC stands for Transaction Code.

What does he’s TC mean?

TC means “Take Care.” It is often used as a substitute for a stronger term of affection such as “love you” when the stronger term would be inappropriate (e.g., between couples who were romantically connected or who can’t be).

What does an stand for in medical terms?

A accommodation; acetum; angström unit; anode; anterior. a artery. a before.

What does TC mean in salary?

Total CompensationSo TC, or Total Compensation is the sum of the values of your base salary, any bonus, and any equity you receive each year.

What is TC certificate?

Transfer and leaving certificate literally means the same. It is issued by the school on course completion that is after 10th boards and 12th boards. Even if you’re leaving your school in any standard (say 8th grade), you need a TC provided by your school.

What does Th and Tc mean?

Definition of TH/TC-S – TH/TC-S stands for T helper to T cytotoxic-suppressor cells.

What are the abbreviations for taking medication?

Common Latin Rx Termsac (ante cibum) means “before meals”bid (bis in die) means “twice a day”gt (gutta) means “drop”hs (hora somni) means “at bedtime”od (oculus dexter) means “right eye”os (oculus sinister) means “left eye”po (per os) means “by mouth”pc (post cibum) means “after meals”More items…

What does N C mean?

AcronymDefinitionNCNorth Carolina (US postal abbreviation)NCNetwork ComputerNCNew Castle (Indiana)NCNetwork(ed) Computer152 more rows