Quick Answer: How Much Does A Speed Awareness Course Cost In Leicestershire?

How much is a speed awareness course in Staffordshire?

The National Motorway Awareness Course currently costs £85.00.

Remember, if you are eligible and elect to take the Course, you do not have to pay the fine and penalty points won’t be applied to your licence..

Why have I not been offered a speed awareness course?

Why haven’t I been offered a speed awareness course? It’s entirely up to the discretion of your local police on whether or not to offer you a speed awareness course. If you’ve already taken one within the last 3 years, or you were well above the speed limits stipulated by the police, you won’t be offered one.

What do I need to bring to speed awareness course?

When you are given the go ahead you can book a speed awareness course online, and you’ll need your driving licence number to do so. You’ll also need to bring photographic identification with you when attending the course (your driving licence card or passport will suffice).

Who qualifies for a speed awareness course?

You may be eligible if: you haven’t attended a speed awareness course in the past three years. the speed you were doing is within the acceptable range. This is typically between speed limit + 10% + 2mph and speed limit + 10% + 9mph (for example, between 35 – 42mph in a 30mph zone)

How much is a speeding fine UK 2019?

In the UK, drivers who are caught speeding can be fined a minimum of £100. You can also have three penalty points added to your licence. If you receive 12 penalty points or more within a three year period, you could be disqualified from driving.

How much is a speed awareness course in Cheshire?

The course fees are usually between £60 and £100 (depending on which course provider you use) which you pay to the course provider direct, a similar price to the fine. If you do the course you will, of course, avoid penalty points which can keep your insurance premiums down and save you money in the long run.

Can you fail a speed awareness course?

If you choose to attend a speed awareness course, you’ll find there are locations spread throughout England and Northern Ireland. … When you’re considering accepting a National Speed Awareness Course offer, remember it’s not a test, and there’s no pass or fail. You simply have to turn up and listen.

Do speed awareness courses work?

Drivers are between 12 and 23 per cent LESS likely to speed within six months of taking a course compared to if they choose the points and fine. And those who participate in a course have a significantly lower collision rate afterwards than those who take the points.

Do you have to declare speed awareness course to insurance?

Many insurers add on about 30%. But a speed awareness course is not a conviction, so it might not make any difference to your premium. You must, though, answer all questions honestly. So, if your insurer asks if you have been convicted of a motoring offence – a routine question – you can truthfully answer no.

How much is what’s driving us scheme?

COURSE COSTS – WDU/What’s Driving Us.

How much does a speed awareness course cost in Lancashire?

Speed Awareness is a 4 hour interactive classroom based driver education package currently costing £80 in Lancashire.

How many times do you get offered a speed awareness course?

You can only attend one once every three years, which means if you offend again within that period you will have to take the points.

How much is a UK speeding fine?

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence. You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years – check your driving licence record to see if you have points on your licence.

Can I book a speed awareness course online?

If you have received a Course Offer Click Here to book or re-arrange your course online. The course fee must be paid at the time of booking by debit or credit card. … Your course fee is non-refundable should you fail to attend the course on the date booked, rearrange or cancel within 10 working days of the course date.

How much over the speed limit can you go UK?

UK speeding penaltiesSpeed limitFixed penalty or speed awareness course over:Court summons over:20mph24mph35mph30mph35mph50mph40mph46mph66mph50mph57mph76mph2 more rows

How much is a speed awareness course in Wales?

This is an alternative to receiving points on your licence and a £100 fine. To attend a Speed Awareness Course in Wales it will cost £88 per course with effect from 1st September 2017 and they are offered to drivers or riders with the aim of changing attitudes to speeding and thereby driving behaviour.

Do Devon and Cornwall Police offer speed awareness course?

Devon & Cornwall Police In total 1,687 speeding offences were detected and the offenders, depending on the severity of the offence and eligibility, will be offered a speed awareness course, a conditional offer or, if they choose to go to court, face prosecution for the speeding offence.

How long do you have to wait between speed awareness courses?

three yearsYou can only attend a speed awareness course once every three years, which means that if you commit another speeding offence in that period you will receive a fine and points on your licence.

How do I change the date of my speed awareness course?

You must attend a course within four months of your offence date. Therefore if we are able to accommodate the change we will try to do so. However, an administration cost may be charged in order to carry out the change.

How much do you pay for a speed awareness course?

Having points on your licence will increase your car insurance costs and speeding convictions stay on your record for at least four years. But, the speed awareness course is not free. Courses are run by instructors approved by the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme and cost around £100.

How do I get a speed awareness course instead of points?

Speed Awareness Courses Drivers, depending upon the speed at which they were detected, may be invited to attend a Speed Awareness Course as an alternative to penalty points. This course can only be offered once in a period of three years from the last date of detection.