Quick Answer: How Do I Access My Ubiquiti Access Point?

How do I access my Nanostation on my router?

Setup Ubiquiti Nanostation Behind Another RouterFirst, you will need to know the IP address of your Ubiquiti Nanostation.

Login to your Nanostation using a web browser address bar.

Once logged in, click the “Wireless Tab” and configure: …

Click the “Main Tab” and make sure that Airmax is unchecked or set to “No” …

Click “Network Tab“, and configure:More items….

How do I reset my ubiquiti access point?

How to Reboot Unifi Access Point from Unifi ControllerLog in to the Unifi Controller.Click on the Devices Tab.Click on the Access Point you wish to restart.On the right-hand side fly in click on the tools icon.Scroll down and click on Open Terminal.On the terminal that opens type in reboot and hit enter.

What is Access Point in WIFI?

An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network, or WLAN, usually in an office or large building. An access point connects to a wired router, switch, or hub via an Ethernet cable, and projects a Wi-Fi signal to a designated area.

How do you reset Ubiquiti?

Reset Button This button serves two functions for the UniFi Switch: • Press and release the Reset button to restart the device. Press and hold the Reset button (for at least five seconds) to restore the device to its factory default settings.

How do I access my Ubiquiti controller?

Windows users: Start > All Programs > Ubiquiti UniFi. 2. The UniFi login screen will appear. Enter the admin name and password in the appropriate fields and click Login.

Can you use Ubiquiti access point with any router?

Yes. I did this for awhile. I just disabled the WiFi on the router, plugged the UAP-AC-Pro in and done.

How do I access my UniFi router remotely?

Software Installs (Windows, macOS, Linux/Debian systems)Log into your local UniFi Network Controller as usual.In Classic Settings navigate to Settings > Remote Access. … Turn the Enable Remote Access feature ON.Enter your Remote Access Dashboard credentials on login request and select Enable Remote Access.More items…

Can I use Ubiquiti access point without controller?

Standalone mode allows you to set up and manage your UniFi AP without needing controller software. The advantage of this method is speed and simplicity since you can get an AP up and running quickly.

Is ubiquiti a router?

If you’re looking for plug-and-play mesh Wi-Fi routers, Ubiquiti has a range of routers under the AmpliFi brand. … It combines a router, a switch with four Ethernet ports and a Wi-Fi access point. It has an integrated cloud key that lets you control your network and system traffic.

How do I setup a router as an access point?

Simply connect the access point to one of the ports of your existing wired/wireless router then configure the access point’s wireless settings.Open the access point’s web-based setup page by entering the default IP Address “192.168. … On the web-based setup page, click on Wireless.Enter the Network Name (SSID).More items…

How do I find my ubiquiti Access Point IP address?

How to find the IP address for your Ubiquiti access point?Step 1: Download Ubiquiti locator. You can download the ubiquiti locator program here. … Step 2: Run the program. Once you have unzipped the file contents, click on the program file as outline in the picture below.Step 3: Locate the IP address.Dec 17, 2015

What is SoHo router mode?

Router mode makes the main port the lan port and the wireless portion is a client, SoHo mode essentially makes the main port the client and the wireless portion part of the lan so your local wireless clients can connect.

How do I find my UniFi username and password?

Your username is your email address you use to register unifi service. If you happen to forget your username or password, click on the ‘Forgot Email’ or ‘Forgot Password’ respectively in the Self-Care page. ‘Forgot Password’ – Enter your Email address (We will send the password to your email address.)

Where can I find my Pppoe username and password?

Open the router configuration page using a browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Right click the password box, select Inspect element. A PPPoE password is usually the one from your internet provider. I would contact them so they can reset the password.

Does Unifi have WPS?

I am aware Unifi (righfully) does not support WPS.

How can I know my UniFi WIFI password?

For the password, use the default password Unifi has given you, when in doubt, look at the bottom of your router (that’s the orange color device with the 2 antennas) and look for an 8 digit PIN. That’s your default password. It’s printed there in big bold letters–you can’t miss it.

What is the default username and password for Ubiquiti UniFi?

ubntThe default username is ubnt and the default password is ubnt.

How do you restart AP?

Rebooting an APOn the menu, click APs. The Access Points page appears.Click the name of the AP that you want to reboot. The AP information page appears.In the upper-right corner of the page, click More to display a drop-down menu, and then click Reboot. A confirmation message appears.Click Yes.

How do I access Ubnt device?

Open your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and type in address bar: (the default address of the Nano) then press the Enter key. Type in ubnt twice and click OK → (If this window did not appear, there may be a problem with the wiring, the network card or a firewall).