Quick Answer: Have The Final Say Meaning?

What does rearmost mean?

: farthest in the rear : last..

Is Fairer a word or is it more fair?

1 Answer. one-syllable and two-syllable adjectives have their comparative formed by adding -er. Three-syllable adjective and longer ones use more + adj. “Fairer” is the correct choice to make.

What is final word?

Definition of the last/final word 1 : the final thing said in an argument or a discussion Your mother’s decision is the final word on the matter. … 3 informal : the most modern or best one of its kind This is the last word in wireless phones. The van’s design is the last word in safety.

What is another word for final?

Some common synonyms of final are last, terminal, and ultimate.

What is the meaning of least?

adjective, a superlative of little, with less or lesser as comparative. smallest in size, amount, degree, etc.; slightest: He gave the least amount of money of anyone. lowest in consideration, position, or importance.

What does crux mean?

noun, plural crux·es, cru·ces [kroo-seez]. a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point: The crux of the trial was his whereabouts at the time of the murder. a cross. something that torments by its puzzling nature; a perplexing difficulty.

What were Lenin’s last words?

“Let not my end disarm you, and on no account weep or keen for me, lest the enemy be warned of my death.”

What does will last phrase mean?

1. right up until someone dies or something ends. To the last he took pleasure in living. Synonyms and related words.

What does Endmost mean?

adjective. farthest; most distant; last: the endmost lands of the earth.

What is the opposite word of final?

Antonyms for final inaccurate, misleading, mistaken, doubtful, untruthful, erroneous, wrong, false, questionable.

What is the last say?

have the last say To say the final words in an argument or discussion, especially ones that decisively or conclusively end it. The whole meeting just descended into chaos as everyone tried to have the last say. David is so smug and always has to have the last say in every debate.

What does the idiom have the final say mean?

1. To say the final words in an argument or discussion, especially ones that decisively or conclusively end it. The whole meeting just descended into chaos as everyone tried to have the final say.

What is a significant?

1 : having meaning especially : suggestive a significant glance. 2a : having or likely to have influence or effect : important a significant piece of legislation also : of a noticeably or measurably large amount a significant number of layoffs producing significant profits.

What’s a word for making a decision?

What is another word for make a decision?adoptagreedetermineconcludefigureestablishmake up your mindcinchsettle on a plan of actionreach a decision88 more rows

What is the final decision?

Noun. 1. final decision – a judgment disposing of the case before the court; after the judgment (or an appeal from it) is rendered all that remains is to enforce the judgment. final judgment. judicial decision, judgment, judgement – (law) the determination by a court of competent jurisdiction on matters submitted to it.

What does the last laugh mean?

: the satisfaction of ultimate triumph or success especially after being scorned or regarded as a failure he got the last laugh on his early critics.

What does it mean to speak out of turn?

(idiomatic) To make a remark or provide information when it is inappropriate or indiscreet to do so, or when one does not have permission or the authority to do so.

What’s another word for final decision?

What is another word for final decision?the last wordconclusive commentdefinitive statementfinal statementsummationultimatum

Can’t say fairer than that meaning?

Phrase. you can’t say fairer than that. (Britain, idiomatic) That is good, reasonable, or fair; one cannot hope for a better decision or outcome.

What does decider mean?

Noun. decider (plural deciders) (of a controversy, question, etc) A person, divinity, or authoritative text which decides. (chiefly Britain, Australia, sports) An event or action which decides the outcome of a contested matter.