Quick Answer: Can You Swim At Bargara Beach?

Is there surf in Bundaberg?

The Bundaberg and Bargara regions are the perfect place to learn to surf or SUP during your holiday in Queensland, Australia.

Bundaberg is far enough north to have warm weather all year round, but without the fear of stingers or crocodiles that can be found in the more northern locations..

Are there Stingers at Noosa Beach?

THERE have been unwanted visitors at Noosa’s beaches over recent weeks as swarms of bluebottles made their presence felt. Lifesavers and lifeguards have been busy treating stings as northeasterly winds have pushed the marine creatures onshore.

Are there Stingers at 1770?

No crocodiles and no deadly marine stingers. Enjoy the endless golden sand beaches, the magnificent estuaries, the unspoiled coastal rainforest, National & Marine parks encircling the Town of 1770/Agnes Water, or the view atop one of the most vantage point in the area.

Does Bundaberg have a beach?

Bargara Beach is located immediately east of the Bundaberg town centre and is backed by a beachfront road, with good beach access and parking. This family friendly beach offers winding board walks, kids playgrounds, eateries, cafes.

How far is Bargara from Bundaberg?

7.21 milesThere are 11.60 km (7.21 miles) from Bundaberg to Bargara in northeast direction and 12.87 km (8 miles) by car, following the Bargara Road route. Bundaberg and Bargara are 15 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Are there crocodiles near Bundaberg?

Under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan, Bundaberg is in Zone F (Atypical Habitat Zone). This means that any crocodile confirmed to be present, regardless of size, is targeted for removal.

Can you swim at Bundaberg?

Bargara is a 13 kilometer drive through lush sugarcane fields from Bundaberg. It is a popular seaside area which harbours a peaceful and relaxed community ideal for family holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bargara boasts two open surf beaches and two still water swimming areas.

Are there Stingers in Bundaberg?

Tropical marine stingers can be found across Northern Australia, down to around Bundaberg in Queensland and Broome in Western Australia.

Can you surf at Bargara beach?

Just north of Bundaberg, there are a few beaches around the town of Bargara that can have waves during swells from the east that sneak between Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef. Neilson Park, Bargara and Kellys Beaches are popular with the friendly local surfing community, along with the beaches to the south.

Where can you swim in Bundaberg?

Bundaberg beachesKelly’s Beach. A good spot for swimming with a lagoon at the southern end and a man-made rock pool at the northern end.Elliott Heads. Located 20kms south-east of Bundaberg. … Innes Park Beach. A good place for swimming and rock-pool fossicking.Coral Cove. … Nielsen Park. … Moore Park. … Woodgate Beach. … Mon Repos Beach.More items…