Question: Why Is My Browser Opening Multiple Tabs?

Why does my browser keep opening new tabs?

Chrome keeps opening new tabs when I click a link – This issue can occur if your PC is infected with malware.

Unwanted sites open automatically in Google Chrome – According to users, unwanted sites can keep opening automatically.

If this happens, be sure to check your Chrome settings and restore them to the default..

How do I stop Internet Explorer from opening multiple tabs?

After checking the Browser History settings, verify the Auto-complete settings in the Internet Options dialog box. Click the “Content” tab, then click the “Settings” option in the Auto-complete section. Click the “User Names and Passwords on Forms” check box, then click “OK” twice to save the settings.

How do I stop tabs opening automatically?

Google Chrome 5.0Open the browser, select the wrench icon and then choose “Options”.Choose the “Under the Hood” tab and then select “Content settings”. Click the “Pop-ups” tab, select the “Do not allow any sites to show pop-ups (recommended)” radio button and then choose “Close”.

How do I fix multiple browsers opening?

How to Fix Multiple Browser Pages Opening UpOpen a session in your preferred browser and close all but one window. … Click your browser’s “Tools” button, also located at the top of the screen, and select “Options.” The menu should close and a separate box with a series of clickable tabs should open.More items…

How do I stop websites from opening new tabs?

Click the “Show advanced settings” link to view the advanced settings. Click the “Content settings” button in the Privacy section to open the Content Settings window. Click the “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)” radio button in the Pop-ups section to stop sites from opening advertisements.

Why does Google Chrome keep opening old tabs?

Solution 2: Preventing Background Usage If Chrome is configured to run in the background it might open up old tabs at startup. … Toggling off the “Continue Running Apps in Background when Google Chrome is closed” button. Now minimize Chrome by clicking on the “–” in the top right corner.

How do I fix a browser that opens automatically?

Resetting browsers can also fix them opening multiple tabs automatically as that will turn off (or remove) their extensions, clear browsing data (which might include virus scripts), and restore them to their default settings. To reset Google Chrome, enter ‘chrome://settings’ in the browser’s URL bar and press Return.

Why is Firefox opening multiple tabs?

Firefox may repeatedly open new, empty tabs or windows after you click on a link, forcing you to close Firefox. … This usually happens because you chose Firefox as the program to always use for a particular action, such as opening a certain type of file or launching an application to send mail.

ctrl/left click Go to Google Home Page. Click on “Settings” which you can find at the end of the page. Save the settings. Make a new search on Google and you will see each link you click will open in a new tab.