Question: What Is The Synonym Of Beneficent?

What does Envoy mean?


a diplomatic agent.

any accredited messenger or representative.

Also called envoy extraordinary, minister plenipotentiary.

a diplomatic agent of the second rank, next in status after an ambassador..

What are synonyms for stream?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stream, like: current, river, rivulet, brook, gush, run, flow, autopotamic, arroyo, course and pour.

What is another name for flirting?

What is another word for flirty?amorouscoquettishcoydallyingflirtatiousfriskykittenishteasingplayfulskittish90 more rows

Whats does stream mean?

Streaming refers to any media content – live or recorded – delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet and played back in real time. Podcasts, webcasts, movies, TV shows and music videos are common forms of streaming content. Modal.

What does beneficent mean in Islam?

7. Muslims believe Allah is beneficent. This means Allah is what? Compassionate. Eternal.

What’s a word for going with the flow?

What is another word for go with the flow?yieldgrantacknowledgeacquiesceagreeassentcomplyconcurconsentdefer228 more rows

What is a tiny stream called?

Streams smaller than rivers, roughly in order of size, may be called branches or forks, creeks, brooks, runnels, and rivulets. The very smallest kind of stream, just a trickle, is a rill.

What are contradiction words?

adj of words or propositions so related that both cannot be true and both cannot be false. “`perfect’ and `imperfect’ are contradictory terms” Synonyms: antonymous. of words: having opposite meanings.

What is the opposite of beneficent?

Antonyms: malevolent, maleficent, evil, uncharitable, malefic, malign, baneful, baleful. Synonyms: philanthropic, eleemosynary, benevolent.

What is a beneficent?

1 : doing or producing good a beneficent policy especially : performing acts of kindness and charity a beneficent leader.

What does Maleficent mean?

adjective. causing or capable of producing evil or mischief; harmful or baleful.

How do you use beneficent in a sentence?

Beneficent in a Sentence 🔉My beneficent neighbor gives out meals to the poor every Sunday. … In an attempt to look beneficent, the selfish millionaire hired a photographer to take pictures of him standing outside a homeless shelter.More items…