Question: What Is The Meaning Of Idolizing?

What makes someone an idol?

An idol can be a religious image or a person who people admire and maybe even seem to worship.

The word idol comes from the Old French idole for “pagan god,” through the Greek eidolon for “reflection in water or a mirror.” In religion, an idol isn’t the real deity but a representation of it..

What happens when you idolize someone?

To idolize is to admire someone too much. A twelve year-old might idolize a pop star, for example, wallpapering her bedroom with photos of him and screaming loudly throughout his concerts. You can idolize someone you’ve never met, like a famous actor, and you can also idolize a friend or family member.

Can you idolize yourself?

To idolize yourself you have to be unapologetically you. Understand your weaknesses but ignore some of them by working to make yourself better, cherish the process of your personal development and see that happiness comes when you dwell more on what you have more than what you don’t have.

Why we should not idolize celebrities?

Celebrities are in positions in which they may possess talent, but this is not a reason to idolize them. … Celebrities tend not to reveal their true selves to the public and put on a façade; we never get to see a celebrity’s true behavior.

What does idolizing someone mean?

transitive verb. : to worship as a god broadly : to love or admire to excess the common people whom he so idolized — The Times Literary Supplement (London) intransitive verb.

Is it good to idolize someone?

Idolizing other people can end in one of two ways, neither of which are good. First, if we continue to trust them and believe they never sin even when they do, we can be sucked into their sin with them and not even realize it because we trust them so much to not do wrong.

What does cocky mean?

The definition of cocky is someone who is overly self-confident. Someone who is very arrogant and assumes they know all the answers is an example of cocky.

What does Adulate mean?

verb (used with object), ad·u·lat·ed, ad·u·lat·ing. to show excessive admiration or devotion to; flatter or admire servilely.

Is it Idolise or idolize?

As verbs the difference between idolise and idolize is that idolise is while idolize is to make an idol of, or to worship as an idol.

How do you spell idolize?

verb(tr) to admire or revere greatly.(tr) to worship as an idol.(intr) to worship idols.

How do you use idolize in a sentence?

Idolized sentence examplesHe’d always wanted a big brother and idolized Aaron. … But he obviously idolized Martha and she seemed to be a calming influence on him. … His feelings towards Sarah resembled those toward his older sister, Emily, whom he idolized as a caregiver, teacher, and confident. … Martha and Quinn idolized the town as well.More items…

Is idolizing a word?

idolize. verb worship, love, adore, admire, revere, glorify, exalt, look up to, venerate, hero-worship, deify, bow down before, dote upon, apotheosize, worship to excess Naomi idolized her father as she was growing up.

What is the opposite of idolize?

idolize. Antonyms: loathe, execrate, abominate. Synonyms: worship, adore, venerate.

What is an idolatrous relationship?

Idolatry in relationships is very subtle. You don’t know that you have that person up as a idol until everything they do affects your well-being and emotions to the point where it feels like bondage. You can’t even follow your dreams because their opinion(s) matter more than your drive to follow after your passion.

How do I stop idolizing my man?

Finding A BalanceDon’t Rush Things. … Stop Idolizing Him​ … Practice Giving A little This For That​ … ​Spend Time Away From Him. … Know When He Isn’t Interested Any More. … Respect His Decisions​ … Think About What You Want And If You’re Getting It​ … Improve Your Self Esteem​