Question: What Is Another Word For Agreed Upon?

What is the meaning of Agreed?


Use agreed in a sentence.


Agreed means something that was decided on by two or more people..

somewhat formal. : as agreed to by the people involved The contract was canceled last month by mutual consent.

Is mutually agreed upon hyphenated?

We could hyphenate it as agreed-upon to make it clearer that the two-word phrase is acting as a single adjectival unit, modifying the noun bet. The past participle of the verb agree is used adjectivally, and the preposition accompanies it when forming the adjectival phrase. It was a mutually agreed upon bet.

What is the past form of agree?

Verb Forms of Agree(Base) 1st(Past) 2nd(Past Participle) 3rdAgreeAgreedAgreedGet list of more Verb Forms.

What is an antonym of agree?

agree. Antonyms: differ, disagree, revolt, protest, decline, refuse, dissent, demur. Synonyms: suit, tally, accord, fit, harmonize, combine, assent, concur, acquiesce, admit, consent, conform, consort, comport, coincide.

What means the same as treaty?

1a : an agreement or arrangement made by negotiation: (1) : a contract in writing between two or more political authorities (such as states or sovereigns) formally signed by representatives duly authorized and usually ratified by the lawmaking authority of the state.

What was agreed upon?

agreed upon – constituted or contracted by stipulation or agreement; “stipulatory obligations”

What is another word for agreement?

What is another word for agreement?contractbargainpacttreatyunderstandingbondaccordarrangementcharterentente126 more rows

How do you say I agree formally?

Ways of expressing agreement:That’s right/You’re right/I know: used when agreeing with someone: … Exactly/Absolutely/I couldn’t agree more: used for saying that you completely agree with someone: … You can say that again/You’re telling me: a more informal way of saying that you completely agree with someone:More items…•

What is a formal agreement called?

accord. noun. a formal agreement between countries or groups.

What is another word for agreed?

What is another word for agree?assentconsentapprove ofcomply withgive one’s approval togo along withsay yes toconcuragree toallow143 more rows

Is it correct to say Agreed?

In this case, agreed on its own means “It is accepted”. agree is the verb form. If you use a verb on its own, it is an imperative: telling somebody to do something. So, if you simply say agree, you are telling the other person to agree with you.

What is the time your watch?

Answer : The correct phrase/usage is “by your watch”. Time is an abstract concept, it does not have a body. So, it can not be contained “in” a watch or anything else. The correct usage is, “shown/displayed by your watch”.

What does mutually mean?

When you do something in cooperation with another person, the two of you do it mutually. And when a decision is mutually beneficial to everyone in town, it helps every single person equally. … The root word is the Latin mutuus, which means “reciprocal, or done in exchange.”

What is the word when someone agrees with you?

Agree, consent, accede, assent, concur all suggest complying with the idea, sentiment, or action of someone.

What does mutually agreed upon mean?

Mutually Agreed means agreed between Contractor (or Contractor’s Authorised Representative) and Company, such agreement not to. be unreasonably withheld or delayed by either party and with both parties acting in good faith with a view to seeking such agreement.

What suggestion was finally agreed upon Why?

Suggested by George, it was finally decided that they would go on a boating holiday up the river Thames. They came to the conclusion that with a boating trip, they will not only have change, but also plenty of exercise in the form of rowing and good amount of rest as well.

What is the meaning of sniffed?

verb (used without object) to draw air through the nose in short, audible inhalations. to clear the nose by so doing; sniffle. to smell by short inhalations. to show disdain, contempt, etc., by or as by sniffing.

Who agree or agrees?

“Who’s” is a contraction of “Who is” and “Who is agree with” is definitely not right unless there is a very strange context. “Who agrees with me?” or “Bill, who agrees with Kate, said no.” would be correct.

What is it called when both parties agree?

An agreement is made when two parties agree to something. If people’s opinions are in accord, or match one another, then they are in agreement. …

How do you use agreed upon?

constituted or contracted by stipulation or agreement….No basis for negotiations has been agreed upon.As soon as the details had been agreed upon, the results would be proclaimed.History is a set of lies agreed upon. … It was a mutually agreed upon decision.Thus, the couple had agreed upon a simple contract.More items…•