Question: What Divided By 3 Give You 4?

What divided by what gives you 3?

In other words, you have an unknown number (X), and then if you divide that X by 3 you get 3.

Then what is that X.

Therefore, the answer to what divided by 3 equals 3 is 9.

You can prove this by taking 9 and dividing it by 3, and you will see that the answer is 3..

What are the 3 parts of a division problem?

The three main parts to a division problem are the dividend, divisor and quotient.

How do you divide an amount by 3?

A third way that you can divide by 3, is to skip count by threes. Skip counting is counting from one number to another in increments of the same number, over and over, so if you are skip counting to divide by 3, you would count by threes until you reach the total number.

What is the remainder of 7 divided by 3?

Answer and Explanation: 7 divided by 3 is 2 with a remainder of 1.

How do you solve 10 divided by 3?

Answer and Explanation: 10 divided by 3 is 3 with a remainder of 1 (10 / 3 = 3 R. 1). Look at the problem this way: If you have 10 coins and you divide them into equal groups…