Question: How Do I Access My External Hard Drive Over The Internet?

Can you connect a hard drive to a router?

Most modern routers have a USB port into which you can plug in a USB-compliant device to share with other devices on your network, like a printer or, in this case, an external hard drive.

With the WD My Cloud, you can connect it to your router via Gigabit Ethernet instead of a USB port..

How do I connect an external hard drive to my PC?

Connect the USB cable to the hard drive if not already connected and the other end to a USB port on the computer. Plug the other end of the USB cable into a USB port on the computer. After connecting the external hard drive to the computer, it should be recognized automatically by your computer’s operating system.

Can I access my external hard drive remotely?

There is a software solution that makes it possible to access a USB drive from any network-attached machine. It works by allowing an external hard drive attached to your computer’s USB interface to be shared remotely from any location. The device will function like it is physically connected to the remote machines.

How do I access my hard drive over wifi?

Share a hard drive with everyone on your Wi-Fi networkStep 1: Choose your drive. The drive you share can be as small as thumb drive, or as large as a 3TB external hard drive. … Step 2: Enable USB drive sharing. On any computer connected to your Wi-Fi network, launch a browser, and navigate to your router’s IP address. … Step 3: Access the drive.Jul 2, 2014

How can I access my files from another computer over the Internet?

TeamViewer. We recommend TeamViewer as the ideal solution for remotely accessing a PC, whether you’re accessing your own PC or performing remote tech support. TeamViewer is most often used to remotely access a PC’s desktop. However, it also has a remote file transfer feature you might not have noticed.

How do I access my USB drive on my router?

How do I access the USB media that is connected to my router?2.1: Open an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer) and enter http://dlinkrouter.local or into the address bar. … Step 2.2: Enter the password for your Admin account in the field provided. … Step 2.3: From the network map on the main page, click the USB Device icon to display the storage status.More items…

How do I connect a USB hard drive to a network?

Adding an external hard drive to your networkConnect the external hard drive to the USB port of your server or computer that is always ON.Click the Start button, then click Computer.Right-click on the external drive, then select Share with.Click the Advanced Sharing…Check the Share this folder option.More items…

How do I put WIFI on a flash drive?

The first thing you have to do is plug in your USB stick in the PC/Laptop. The second step is the easiest. In the system tray you find the wireless icon. Click it, then right-click your Wi-Fi network and select the Properties option.

How do I access files remotely?

To use Remote Files you need the Pushbullet for Android app on your phone, as well as the desktop program from Pushbullet—the browser extensions won’t work here. Once you’ve got both apps up and running, open the desktop program and go to Settings. Then scroll down and check the box next to “Remote Files access”.

How do I access FreeNAS from anywhere?

To access your FreeNAS server from outside your local network, you will need to know the public/WAN IP address of your home network’s gateway. And you will need to configure your gateway/router/firewall to allow access to port 22 (for SSH access).

What is the USB on my router for?

A USB port on a router lets you connect a printer or external hard drive for sharing on the network. USB ports are handy because they make it very simple to set up a network printer on a home network or quickly expand sharable storage.