How Much Does Epix Cost Per Month?

How can I get Epix for free?

EPIX Available for Free Through Apple TV Channels Until May 2, No Subscription Required.

EPIX is currently offering free access to its catalog of movies and TV shows through the Apple TV Channels feature in the TV app, and many additional services are also offering extended free trials..

How long is the Epix free trial?

a 7 DayYes, but do not get confused with the standard Epix Network, Epix Now has a 7 Day trial.

Is Epix free on Comcast?

EPIX with Xfinity TV from Comcast. Unlimited access to hit films, critically-acclaimed original series, documentaries, and more — uncut and commercial-free.

Is Epix now free?

EPIX NOW is a streaming service you can pay for monthly without needing to subscribe through a TV or digital provider. … You can subscribe to EPIX NOW through Google Play, iTunes, Roku, and Amazon AppStore. Start your free trial, then pay just $5.99 a month – cancel anytime.

What channels do you get with EPIX?

EpixDirecTV558 Epix (HD) 559 Epix 2 (HD) 560 Epix Hits (HD)Dish Network380 Epix (HD/SD) 381 Epix 2 (HD/SD) 382 Epix Hits (HD/SD) 292 Epix Drive-In (SD)Orby TV580 Epix (HD) 584 Epix 2 587 Epix Hits 590 Epix Drive-InCable24 more rows

How do I get Epix on Amazon?

Share All sharing options for: Epix is now available as a channel on Amazon Prime. Premium cable network Epix announced that it is now available on Amazon Prime as a video channel, six months after it launched as such on Roku. Prime subscribers can add on the network as a channel for $5.99 a month.

Is Epix free on Hulu?

Update: All movies on Hulu are streamed without any commercial breaks, and Epix content will also stream uncut and commercial-free for Hulu subscribers, a Hulu official confirmed. … “ Through this new deal with EPIX, we are proud to now be able to offer a huge selection of the biggest blockbusters and premium films.

Is Epix free with Amazon Prime?

7-day free trial Prime Video Channels is the Prime benefit that lets you choose your channels. Only members can add EPIX and 100+ more channels — no cable required. Cancel anytime.

How much does Epix cost?

EPIX NOW costs only $5.99 per month and will give subscribers the ability to access the network’s exciting slate of new original series, including Pennyworth which tells the origin story of Batman’s butler, Alfred; Godfather of Harlem starring Forest Whitaker; Perpetual Grace, LTD.

Is Epix free on YouTube TV?

Starting this week, YouTube TV customers are getting EPIX for free. In an email blast to its customers last night, YouTube TV announced that everyone would be getting an “extended free preview” of EPIX. Through April 25th, the channel will be completely free to all customers with no obligation or automatic billing.

Is Epix a premium channel?

EPIX, an MGM company, is a premium pay television network with a programming line-up that consists of the latest movie releases and classic film franchises as well as original programming including acclaimed series, compelling documentaries, and comedy specials.