How Do I Reset My WD My Cloud Ex2 Admin Password?

How do I find out what my cloud password is?

Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click iCloud.

Choose Account Details.

If you’re asked to enter your Apple ID password, click “Forgot Apple ID or password” and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can skip the final steps below..

How do I reset my WD My Cloud EX2?

Press the reset button and hold it with the paperclip or PIN for 40 seconds. Meanwhile, pressing the reset button, plug the power cord to your device. Release the reset button after 40 seconds. Your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra device will be reset and will reboot in the process.

How do I change my WD My Cloud Admin password?

Second, to enable the administrator password so the Dashboard prompts for it, navigate to Dashboard > Users > select the administrator user > User Profile >Password = On. To change the administrator user name, change the name in the User Name field.

How do you reset WD My Cloud?

Locate the Reset button on your WD My Cloud device. Using a paper clip or a narrow tipped pen, press and hold down the Reset button for four seconds. After four seconds, release the Reset button. Once the reset WD My Cloud process is initiated, your WD My Cloud device will start to reboot.

Why can’t I see WD My Cloud on network?

Check to ensure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled, that the network is set to Private, ensure Network Discovery and File Sharing is enabled, and ensure the computer is connected to the same router as the My Cloud. …

Can I connect WD My Cloud directly to computer?

Is it possible to connect My Cloud directly to a PC without a router? Yes, just connect the Ethernet wire from the My Cloud to the computer’s networking port.

How do I connect my cloud to my network?

Connect your My Cloud HomePlace the WD My Cloud Home near your router.Connect the power adapter to the My Cloud Home and to a free power outlet.Connect the network cable to your WD My Cloud Home and your router or modem.Wait until the white light comes on.Mar 5, 2021

What is the admin password for WD My Cloud?

Admin User Name (default = “admin”) Admin Password (No password by default) Device Name (default = “WDMyCloud”) Remove all Users except Admin.

What is the default IP address for WD My Cloud?

1.1 or 192.168. 0.1 by default on most routers. You can access these by opening or in your browser. The default IP, username, and password can also be found in the user manual of your router.

Why can’t I connect to WD My Cloud?

Sometimes one has to cycle the Cloud Access > Remote Access option under Dashboard > Settings to fix certain remote access issues. Sometimes if the local network router the My Cloud is connected to is rebooted the My Cloud may loose remote access until the Cloud Access option is cycled off then on.

What does red light on WD My Cloud mean?

WD My Cloud Red Light This is generally an indicator that the NAS has failed to initialize it’s internal software. … They will have to be removed and have the data recovered externally of the NAS. There simply is no way to do the necessary operations over an network connection.