How Do I Backup My IPhone Photos To An External Hard Drive?

How do I transfer files from iPhone to USB without computer?

Connect your iPhone to the FileHub Wi-Fi, start the FileHub App.

Click on My Device, Camera Roll Folder (or other folder).

Click Manage and then select the photos you want to transfer to the USB Drive.

Then select Upload and choose the USB or SD card, then click OK..

How do I save my live photos to my external hard drive?

To save the Live Photos you can select them in your Photos Library and use the command “File > Export > Export unmodified original”. This will export two files, a video component and an image file for the still frame. Save both files on your backup disk.

How do I transfer all my files to an external hard drive?

You can also drag and drop files into the external hard drive. If you plug in an external hard drive, it usually opens in Finder. Highlight your files, click and hold them, and then drag and drop them into the new drive you plugged in.

What is the best external hard drive for photo storage?

The best external hard drive dealsWD My Book Duo 4TB external hard drive. … Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt external hard drive. … Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB. … Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro external hard drive. … LaCie Rugged USB-C 4TB External Hard Drive. … iStorage diskAshur 2TB external hard drive.More items…•Mar 20, 2021

Can I connect a USB stick to my iPhone?

Connect a USB drive or an SD card Note: The Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter can be powered with a USB power adapter. This allows you to connect USB devices with higher power requirements, such as external hard drives, to iPhone.

What is the best external hard drive for iPhone?

Best Flash Drives for Backing up Your iPhone 2021Durable: iDiskk (MFi Certified by Apple) 128GB Photo Stick.Apple certified: JDTDC Apple MFi-Certified Photo-Stick.Rugged: HooToo iPhone Flash Drive 128GB.Trusted brand: SanDisk 128GB iXpand Flash Drive Go for iPhone.PC friendly: The PhotoStick Mobile.Mar 16, 2021

How do I export photos from my iPhone?

On your iPhone, head to Settings > Photos, scroll down, and then tap “Automatic” under Transfer to Mac or PC. Your iPhone automatically converts the photos to . JPEG files when you import them to a PC. If you select “Keep Originals” instead, your iPhone will give you the original .

How do I transfer photos from iPhone to Seagate external hard drive?

iOS share extensionLaunch the Photos app on your iOS device and locate the photos you want to upload.Tap Select at the top right of the screen and select the photos you want to upload.Click the Share icon at the top left of your screen and then select Seagate Media.More items…

Can I transfer photos from iPhone directly to external hard drive?

Transferring photos to an external hard drive without a computer’s aid can be accomplished by connecting your iPhone directly to a potable external hard drive like SanDisk. … To confirm if your device is connected to the hard drive, click on ‘Files app’ button, then ‘Browse’.

How do I transfer files from iPhone to external hard drive?

How to move files to your external drive from your iPhone or iPadIn the Files app, tap the name of your storage service from the Browse menu or sidebar.Tap on the folder from which you want to move a file if you need to.Tap Select.Tap all of the files you want to move.Tap Move.More items…•Sep 19, 2019

How do I move all my photos to an external hard drive?

Make sure you’ve backed up your photos, quit Photos, then: Copy the Photos Library from your Pictures Folder to an external disk. Hold down the option (or alt) key and launch Photos. From the resulting menu select “Other Library” and navigate to the new location.

What is the best external hard drive for storing photos?

Best External Hard Drives for Photographers by CategoryWD My Passport SSD Portable Storage. … WD 6TB My Book Desktop USB 3.0. … Seagate 8TB Backup Plus USB 3.0 External Hard Drive. … Inateck USB 3.0 to SATA 2-Bay Hard Drive Docking Station. … LaCie 6TB d2 Quadra Hard Drive. … G-Technology 6TB G-DRIVE G1 USB 3.0 Hard Drive.More items…

Can you get a memory stick for iPhone?

The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive lets you free up space on your iPhone, back up your camera roll, and even watch videos straight from the drive. The flexible Lightning connector works with most cases and the USB 3.0 connector plugs into your Mac, making file transfers quick and easy.