Are Slurpee Refills Free?

Can you refill a Slurpee?

7-11 –> No Refill Policy I was at 7-11 today and they have a sign on their counter (clearly provided by head office) that states Due to Health Canada Regulations, they are no longer allowed to refill fountain or slurpee cups..

Can you fill your own coffee cup at 711?

7-Eleven. With $. 99 refills, you can refill your mug and customize your coffee in endless ways…

How much is a Slurpee?

A large Slurpee normally costs $1.99.

How do you fill a Slurpee?

I put the top on first fill it up to the cups rim and then tap the bottom to get the bubbles out and make more room for more slurpee, then i fill it up all the way until some slurpee is leaking from the top of the lid.

How much is a refill at 711?

LPT 7-Eleven charges $1.59 for a Super Big Gulp but only $0.25 for the cup and $0.99 to refill it.

How much are sodas at 711?

7 Eleven MenuBag of Ice$2.50Gatorade$2.50 – $3.25Vitamin Water$2.50 – $3.50Smart Water$2.50 – $3.75Coke$2.5010 more rows

How much is in a Big Gulp?

As 7-Eleven says, Gulps (20 ounces) Big Gulps (30 ounces), Super Big Gulps (40 ounces) and Double Gulps (50 ounces) are “genetically engineered to quench even the most diabolical thirst.”

What day can you bring your own cup to 711?

November 23The convenience chain’s Bring Your Own Cup Day is back. If you’re not familiar with it, you’ve probably never guzzled a Slurpee out of a boot. Anyone can bring their own “cup” into 7-Eleven on November 23 between 11am and 7pm to fill ‘er up with as much Slurpee as the container can hold for $1.49.

How big is a small Slurpee?

7-Eleven’s Slurpees range in size from a modest 8 ounces to a whopping 44 ounces (with 16-, 22-, and 32-ounce options in between).

How much sugar is in a Big Gulp?

The first three ingredients listed are sugar, invert sugar and corn syrup, which makes you wonder why they call them Sour Patch. A 5-ounce bag has 108 grams of sugar.

Does 711 have sour cream?

At 7-Eleven stores, whipping cream, sour cream and butter sales jump the week before Christmas. In fact, Christmas week is the biggest week of the year for dairy sales, 25% higher than the year’s biggest food holiday—Thanksgiving. Luckily, 7-Eleven does.

Does 7 Eleven have free refills?

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.” The cups are not interchangeable and only come with free refills for the 7-Eleven beverage indicated on the cup. ** At checkout, 7-Eleven employees will scan the unique code printed on the cup, which will ring up the beverage as free.

Can you bring your own cup for free Slurpee day?

Can I bring my own cup to National Free Slurpee Day? Because the offer is only limited to small size Slurpees (8 ounces) you can’t bring your own cup.

Can I bring my own cup to 7 11?

23 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. According to 7-Eleven, your cup can include thermoses, cookie jars, ladles, punch bowls or any other container that will hold your Slurpee. The company rules state that all containers and cups must be leak-proof, safe, sanitary, and, of course, fit within the 7-Eleven BYOC display cutout.

Are big gulps free refills?

But they do include an extremely important perk: unlimited free refills for all of 2020, from January 1 to December 31. The Slurpee and coffee tumbler both hold 20-ounces, while the Big Gulp is 30-ounces in size—and each one is only good for free refills of its corresponding beverage.

Does 711 have good coffee?

I also know that 7-Eleven is not claiming its coffee to be better than a barista’s. If anything, it’s acknowledging, with its $1 price point, that 7-Eleven coffee is merely third as good as a well-trained barista’s. … A well-engineered machine will deliver better coffee, every. single.